What is all the fuss about the core?

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What is all the fuss about the core?

Has anyone ever told you to workout your core? Does this image come to mind:










What is the core and why do we need to work it out?  Let’s explore:

The word ‘core’ describes a group of large muscles in the torso. These muscles include the one pack ab, the six pack abs, the gluts and related spinal muscles. It even includes the diaphragm muscle that controls our breathing!

These muscles are really really important for the following reasons:

  • Helps keep the torso upright and stabilize the spine
  • Helps transfer force from one part of the body to the other
  • Protect joints from over stress
  • Ensures proper deep breathing

Unlike other muscles that help keep us mobile, the core helps keep us stable. This is why the best way to exercise the core is not by performing isolation exercises like:

Abdominal crunches: 








Back extension exercises:










In these exercises, the core muscles are strengthened alone. Instead the goal should be functional movements, whereby multiple muscle groups are exercised together. This makes the body more dependent on the stabilizing muscles, leading to a better workout. For example the following exercises are functional movement exercises:












Overhead squats 






















Here are few exercises that quickly determine if you have a weak core:


Trunk Stability Push Up Test:







Being able to perform this test with a straight back and proper alignment










Holding an elbow plank for 90 seconds

Side Plank












Holding a side plank for 60 seconds


Knee To Chest













Perform 5 knee to chest raises

If you passed all tests, congratulations you have a strong core! If not don’t worry, now that you are aware what it is, you can do something about it!

Wishing You The Best Of Health!

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