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When you hear the term registered dietitian, most people imagine weight loss assistance. However, not only do such professionals help maintain an optimal weight goal, the work of a dietitian actually encompasses a much wider scope than just that. Here are a couple important services that registered dietitians offer to improve your health in big ways.

Personalization and Tailoring

When it comes to healthy nutrition, there’s no “one size fits all” solution. A registered dietitian will analyze health and individual preferences, then work with you to come up with goals to improve your eating habits and overall health.

In many ways, dietitians are like investigators. They’ll take a complete medical history, ask lifestyle questions and even request bloodwork to determine the specific needs of a client. A person who suffers from insulin resistance doesn’t have the same nutritional needs as someone with a fast-metabolic rate.
Optimal nutrition is all about providing the body with the necessary nutrients and the right types of foods. That’s why, during a first consultation with a registered dietitian, you should expect to do a lot of chatting and answering questions.

Help for Management of Chronic Conditions

People who suffer from an array of medical conditions have specialized nutritional needs. It’s a registered dietitian’s responsibility to help manage these kinds of medical problems through creating the right meal plan.

If you deal with high cholesterol levels, heart disease risk or have metabolic syndrome, polycystic ovarian syndrome (PCOS), diabetes or cancer – you could benefit greatly from an individual meal plan created by a seasoned professional. Management of these medical conditions are heavily dependent on the selection of the right foods.

The same applies for individuals that suffer from food allergies and sensitivities. Celiac disease and lactose intolerance are just two examples of problems that can make comprehensive nutrition extremely challenging.

A Safe Approach to Weight Loss

Many people fall into the trap of fad diets and other “quick fixes” for weight loss. The truth is these programs will fail delivering the desired results. On top of that, they can be incredibly dangerous due to nutritional deficiencies.

A registered dietitian will come up with a safe and effective way to help you reach your nutritional goals. Since people have highly specific needs, the plan that works for you might not be optimal for someone else. 

Optimal Nutrition Counselling

We live in a busy world and many people don’t know what to eat in order to keep their bodies healthy and maintain optimal energy levels.
A registered dietitian will focus on individual needs. This professional has the training and the academic background required to come up with a plan that will get the job done.

There are many nutritionists out there. Registered dietitians, however, are the only professionals that can back their recommendations with science and the extensive background they’ve acquired through the educational process.

If you feel your eating habits are not optimal, consider a consultation with an experienced dietitian. The Muscle and Joint Clinic is known for quality, professional services. Contact us today to schedule a consultation!

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