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We understand that being in pain is not a choice, and it can present you with many questions. This is why at the Muscle and Joint Pain we offer free, no strings attached consultations with a doctor. This allows you the opportunity to get answers fast, and be guided towards the treatment method that can deliver the best results.

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Chiropractic Care

Your Mississauga Chiropractor Can Help Alleviate The Pain! At 0ur Clinic, our Mississauga Chiropractors use a patient-centred, non-invasive, hands-on, treatment approach, focussing on your spine, muscles,  joints and nervous...

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Physiotherapy often called (PT, or Physio), is a healthcare profession dedicated to working with people to identify and maximize their ability to move and function throughout their lifespan. Physiotherapists...

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Registered Massage Therapy

Our Mississauga Massage Therapists Are Available Seven Days A Week To Help You! Massage therapy is the manipulation of soft tissues of the body including, muscles, connective tissues, tendons, ligaments...

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Naturopathic Medicine

About Naturopathic Medicine   Naturopathic medicine treats all health concerns for all ages from acute to chronic and physical to psychological. It is the approach, philosophy and training of...

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Shockwave Therapy

Mississauga Clinic Offering World-Class Shockwave Therapy Mississauga’s Shockwave Clinic.  Shockwave therapy is a non-invasive treatment that involves creating a series of low energy acoustic wave pulsations that are directly applied...

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Custom Foot Orthotics

We Are Mississauga’s Premier Destination For Custom Foot Orthotics! Our Custom Orthotics (inserts, shoes and sandals) are constructed specifically to correct abnormalities in your foot mechanics. At The Mississauga...

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Proudly Serving Our Community

For Over Ten Years!

The Muscle And Joint Clinic Was Established in 2010, And Since Then We Have Treated Thousands Of Patients. It's Been An Honour, And A Privilege, And We Look Forward To Serving Into The Future


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We Treat Muscle & Joint Pain

Our Clinic Offers Many Treatment Options For A Wide Variety Of Conditions. From Back Pain To TMJ, Tennis Elbow To Plantar Fasciitis, Our Clinic Can Offer Many Treatment Options To Help!


Patient Testimonials

Staff are very polite and professional. Dr Faisal Malik was excellent in his care for my son. Lori and other staff are very helpful and patient during administrative processes. They have evening and weekend appointments which works well for us. We get text and email reminders for upcoming appointments. I highly recommend them to anyone that requires Chiropractic care and Massages.

A.D. – Google Review

I highly recommend to see Best Physiotherapist Subash Gautam. I had terrible pain in my back and neck from day i can see THE DIFFERENCE! no pain I feel I am able to stand up more …and work more…specially it affects my migraine so I feel a big difference. THANK U BEST PHYSIOTHERAPIST EVER!

Isabella T – Google Review

I have been getting massages here for a while now and have had nothing but positive experiences with the RMTs here. The online and text booking feature is a real selling point. No longer do I have to call and wait for the phone to ring and speak to someone to tell me that the only time I can be seen is a week from now. This is a much better business model.

Lance R – Google Review

I saw Dr. Rosanna for Chronic fatigue syndrome for the consult yesterday! She is friendly, extremely knowledgeable, and walks you through treatment recommendations. The receptionists genuinely friendly and professional. Office is clean, and organized. I highly recommend!

Katie – Google Review

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Is Self-Cracking Your Neck Safe? What’s Actually Happening?

In today’s fast-paced world, who hasn’t felt the urge to stretch out a tight neck or back, perhaps even resulting in that distinctive “pop” or “crack”? This is known as self-manipulation or self-cracking. While it might bring momentary relief, there’s a lot more to understand about this phenomenon and the potential risks involved. Book A…


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The Power of Fiber in Controlling Weight: What a New Study Reveals

Recent research sheds light on the role of fiber and starchy foods in our diet and their impact on weight gain. Here’s a breakdown of the study and what it means for us. Book A Free Naturopathic Consultation The Findings: The study, published in the British Medical Journal, investigated the dietary habits of 136,432 individuals,…

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