Gamekeeper’s Thumb

Gamekeeper’s ThumbGamekeeper’s thumb describes an injury of the thumb, where its ligament (ulnar or medial collateral ligament) is sprained, or may be dislocated in some cases.

It is a common injury amongst athletes of sports such as skiing, football, baseball, or any other activities that cause the thumb to be bent backwards. The injury is often ignored and thought of as minor, but it does result in pain, weakness, and limited range of motion of the thumb

Professionals at our clinic will ensure that each step of treatment is applied with the utmost care, as careless treatment of this injury may hinder the recovery. Our registered massage therapists, and chiropractor offer services such as osseous manipulation and mobilization, and trigger point therapy that are important in treating the injury

Gamekeeper’s thumb injury varies in its severity with a grade 1 sprain showing significant improvement in as quickly as 4 weeks while the most severe form of may require surgery.

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