Cervical Facet Syndrome

cervical facet syndromeCervical Facet Syndrome is any pain that is elicited from the facet joints in your spine. Facet joints are located in the back of your spine that link the vertebrae (bones that form the spinal column) together, and allow you to bend forwards and backwards, and twist. Essentially, these joints guide your movement and provide flexibility. However, damage or inflammation in these joints  can commonly cause cranial, cervical, or upper shoulder pain.

It is estimated that up to 65% of neck pain complaints from individuals may be rooted from cervical facet joint irregularities, and approximately 60% of cervical facet joint pain is post-whiplash injury.

Many different kinds of injuries to the spine may cause this condition, but there are some other non-contact factors that may contribute, such as osteoarthrosis and/or poor posture.

Individuals with this syndrome may have a history of dull pain in their back that is sometimes sharp during acute episodes, and can often pinpoint their pain. When the pain does radiate to different regions of the back and shoulder, it often does not radiate beyond the upper back region.

Treatment of this condition can be provided at our clinic. Techniques such as ultrasound and massage therapy are highly beneficial in order to reduce muscle spasms around the joints.

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