Glenohumeral Instability

glenohumeral-joint-shoulder-joint-shoulder-bone-framework-clavicle-scapula-formThe glenohumeral (GH) joint is the “ball-and-socket” shoulder joint that provides you with the ability to circularly rotate your arm, and movement of the arm towards and away from body. GH instability is a common condition that can be described as pain associated with decreased shoulder function due to ligament laxity (loose joints) or muscle imbalances.

Repeated overhead motions (throwing, tennis, swimming), rotator cuff tears, or prior shoulder dislocation increase the risk of glenohumeral instability, which can lead to partial or complete shoulder dislocations

GH instability is a common cause for poor response to treatment for other shoulder injuries such as shoulder impingement so it is critical to treat it and ensure that stability is restored. At our clinic, we can treat GH instability by the application of step-by-step programs to restore normal shoulder range of motion that include

  • Strengthening and stretching of various muscles
  • Osseous mobilization
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