This Book Helped Me Run 5K Every Morning For A Month

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This Book Helped Me Run 5K Every Morning For A Month

It’s incredible what a good book can teach you. Running was an activity I found difficult to do consistently.  That was until I read the story of David Goggins. 

It was not until I read  “Can’t Hurt Me: Master Your Mind And Defy The Odds’, written by the Navy Seal David Goggins, that I truly started to appreciate running. After reading this book and discovering the author’s incredible journey did I begin incorporating running in my daily routine.

David Goggins is a retired Navy Seal, who is best known for being an ultramarathon runner, ultra-distance cyclist and motivational speaker. He has frequently run marathons of distances over 100 miles, and has ran nonstop for over 24 hours! He also holds the world record for most number of pullups ever completed (4,030!). 

When David Goggins decided to join the Navy Seals he weighed nearly 297 pounds. To be accepted into the program, he would have to lose over 100 pounds in three months. This sounds like an impossible task, but through a stringent workout routine and a near starvation diet he did it. Below is an outline of his daily routine: 


  • 4:30am: Wake up / Breakfast: One banana
  • 5-7am: Ride on the exercise bike
  • 8-10am: Swim at the local high-school (about 2 miles)
  • 11am-2pm: Circuit workout / Full Body – 5-6 sets of 100-200 reps each
  • 3-5pm: Exercise bike
  • 5:30pm: Run 2-6 miles
  • 7:30pm: Dinner (no lunch): Chicken breast, sauteed veggies, small amount of rice
  • 8-10pm: Exercise bike
  • 10:30pm: Sleep
  • 4:30am: Wake up / Repeat

His average daily totals:

  • 6 hours on the bike
  • 2 miles swimming
  • 2-6 miles running
  • 3 hour circuit workout, over 1000 total combined reps
  • Calorie Intake: <800/day

David Goggins managed to lose 106 pounds at the end of three months and was accepted into the Navy Seal Program. 


To appreciate the methodology and techniques David Goggins employs to reach his goals, I would recommend watching the following interviews. Please note that due to coarse language viewer discretion is advised:



In summary, this person is an absolute machine, reaching milestones that would normally be considered unachievable. I think his motivation and techniques can be an inspiration to help you reach the goals you have set forth. Now that the holidays are upon us, the new year resolutions (which I do not recommend) are starting to form. This book might be the catalyst needed to help you reach the finish line.


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