The Benefits Of Facial Acupuncture For Anti-Aging And Skin Health

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The Benefits Of Facial Acupuncture For Anti-Aging And Skin Health

Facial acupuncture is a treatment done by our Naturopathic Doctor, Dr. Tanvi Tijoriwala, ND to reduce acne scars, promote anti-aging and treat dark spots on the face. This painless and all-natural treatment has been utilized in many parts of the world to treat skin conditions and promote healthy skin. Here are some ways in which facial acupuncture can help heal the skin:


Collagen production: Collagen is the most abundant protein found in the body, which makes up the framework of the skin, muscles, tendons and ligaments. Having sufficient collagen is important to prevent wrinkles and dry skin. Inserting tiny needles in the skin (especially around wrinkles) causes micro-trauma to the area that is not visible to the eye. Areas with micro trauma stimulate the healing process which in turn increases collagen production in the area. In this way, the natural production of collagen is stimulated without permanent injury to the skin, which leads to smoother wrinkles.


Toning: To reach the skin muscles, deeper acupuncture needles are inserted. Deeper needle insertions lead to decrease in facial tension and toning of the skin muscles. Acupuncture needle insertion in the area also allows for increased blood flow which nourishes and moisturizes the skin.


Beyond cosmetics: While most patients get facial acupuncture for the cosmetic benefits, it is not just for cosmetic use. As a naturopathic doctor who believes in whole-body medicine, Dr. Tanvi look at what conditions contribute to the skin issue. For example, if a patient has chronic constipation which retains toxins in the body, it is most likely to show up on the skin in different ways. During facial acupuncture treatments, she would also treat the constipation and any other conditions affecting the skin. This busts a common myth as well that facial acupuncture is only for elderly women. THIS IS NOT TRUE! Facial acupuncture is for men and women over the age of 25 that are affected by any skin condition or just want to look and feel their best.


Stress management: Kim Kardashian noted that getting facial acupuncture was – “Extremely Relaxing.” A facial acupuncture treatment is just that! Not only is it rejuvenating, but it also helps with the repercussions of living a stressful life. These include puffiness around the eyes, stress lines and other constitutional symptoms that go beyond cosmetics.


Facial acupuncture treatments are an hour long and include a skin assessment, facial massage, acupuncture and lymphatic drainage with a Jade roller.

To learn more about facial acupuncture or to book an appointment please call 905-593-1605, or book your appointment online here. 

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