Sue’s journey to better health

22 May, 2016 | Dr. Malik | No Comments

Sue’s journey to better health

Susan WaddellWe all want to be happy, healthy, and fit…but the “want to” and the “how to” is what usually gets in the way.  In January, I once again started the year of with the typical resolution of “wanting” to lose weight.  I joined a bootcamp and signed up for a challenge which included a full meal plan and workout regimen.  I found that the first 6 weeks I wanted to do more and see more results but my mind kept convincing me that I couldn’t and that it was too hard, too much work… I used every excuse in the book. I already had the tools that I needed but my mind was in the wrong place.

I then did another 6 weeks that just ended this past Sunday.  I went into it this time with no excuses. I would and I could do this!  I worked out faithfully every day twice a day for 6 weeks…only eating clean foods ( well mostly lol).  I no longer made working out or eating right a once in a while deal, it became my lifestyle.  I have so much more energy and I feel great!

Reaching goalsWorking as an RMT, I was embarrassed at the thought of not practicing what I preached.  I was so hypocritical of suggesting to my clients lifestyle changes and exercises that I myself wasn’t doing.  Life is busy and we all have every excuse why we can’t do certain things.  Nothing comes easy. We have to want to change, want to be better and then find what works for us to be able to reach our goal.  I’m proud to say that I won this challenge.  I lost 18 inches overall as well as 10 pounds.  I now strive to live each day happy and healthy.  I thank my co-workers for their support during the challenge.  I’m so blessed to work with an amazing team.

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