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Prehab Exercises Could Help Improve Your Recovery After Surgery

Written By Dr Malik


We have all heard of rehab but what is prehab?


Rehab – or rehabilitation exercises are usually done after surgery to help the body reach its pre-surgery state. These exercises strengthen the muscles and joints, helping to restore their function, and can help improve overall flexibility.


Prehab – or prehabilitation exercises, are strength training exercises aimed at preventing injury. Prehab exercises can be applied to people waiting to undergo orthopedic surgery. Invasive surgery can be tough on the body, with most patients requiring rehabilitation after surgery to get back in shape. This is why researchers are now interested in leaning more about the role prehab exercises can play in recovery. The idea is that by preparing the body before surgery, the body has a better chance at recovery afterwards, allowing for a speedier recovery


The majority of Canadians having surgery are over the age of 65, and about 40% of these patients live in frailty. This can lead to poorer outcomes after surgery. These patients stand to benefit the most with a customized prehab program to help prevent longer than average waiting times.


Prehab exercises can involve 30 minutes of exercise, strength training and stretching three times a week for four weeks before the elective surgery. Some patients can perform these exercises from the comfort of their home.


The study is being conducted in 11 hospitals across Canada and results are expected shortly.

If you or someone you know is preparing for surgery, and is interested in prehab, call our clinic today for a free consultation! We can be reached at 905-593-1605.

Wishing you the best of health!

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