Five Of The Best Ways To Spend Your New Found Time

29 Mar, 2020 | Dr. Malik | No Comments

Five Of The Best Ways To Spend Your New Found Time

In a world where time is scarce, we now find ourselves in a new reality with an abundance of time. The situation we are in is unique, the last time we faced a similar situation was 102 years ago during the Spanish Flu (When the Spanish Flu came to Ontario). Being confined to our home during this pandemic is not all bad. To help make the most of this time, here are five tips that I hope you will find helpful:


1. Make A Routine: One of the best ways to make the most out of your day is to have a plan for your day. Schedule family time, game time, meal prep time, exercise and more. This way you will be more productive and it will help your day go by quicker.

2. Exercise: Daily exercise is extremely important. Whether it is a run or a job, pushups or situps, finding a good workout routine to do around the house will not only keep you in shape, but it will also help keep your overall state of mind. Personally I have been doing the 400 challenge every second day. The four hundred challenge comprises of:

    1. 100 pushups
    2. 100 situps
    3. 100 jumping jacks
    4. 100 squats

Below is a quick demonstration of one cycle of the 400 challenge:

3. Eat At Home: Not only is eating at home safer, but it is much healthier. This is a great time to learn new recipes, try new foods and encourage the family to work as a team. To help you get started here is a link to recipes made by my wife Tabassum Wyne @kashmirifoodie. 

4. Read More: I remember watching the documentary about Bill Gates on Netflix, and I was stunned as to how much he would read. Bill Gates takes a tote bag full of books everywhere he travels. I was so inspired by his reading habits, I bookmarked his reading list: It is incredible how much one can learn in a short duration of time. The best of authors have presented the best of ideas they have learned over a lifetime for us to read in a 300 page book. If you haven’t started already I would highly recommend watching the Netflix documentary about Bill Gates which can be found here: Inside Bill’s Brain. 

5. Entertainment: I am sure during this pandemic we will be setting new binge watching records! But be mindful of much content you are taking in. Don’t let the Netflix autoplay options lead you to watching endless TV: take control. To learn more about how Netflix tricks you into watching more, check out this link.


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