The Best Sleeping Position

26 Oct, 2016 | Dr. Malik | No Comments

The Best Sleeping Position

Good sleep is imperative to good health. Good sleeping posture can result in a more restful sleep and a decrease in muscle and joint pain symptoms. Maintaining the three spinal curves while sleeping can put less pressure on the joints throughout the body. Let’s explore some common sleeping positions and if they are good for your health!

Sleeping On Your Back:

Research has shown that the best sleeping position is on your back. This position ensures the head is well rested and the body weight is evenly distributed . Adding a pillow under the knees while you sleep can ease stress off the lumbar spine, allowing for a more comfortable sleep. Sleeping on your back can also help with acid reflux during the night. Snorers and their sleeping partners should beware! Sleeping on your back can make it hard to breathe and make snoring louder. 


Side Sleeping:

If you are a side sleeper it is recommend to choose the left side. Sleeping on your left side minimizes pressure on the returning blood vessels to the heart. This allows for better circulation which can help reduce leg swelling and ease tension on the muscles and joints. A pillow between the knees while sleeping on your side can help keep the hips and back aligned and distribute weight evenly.

Stomach Sleeping:

This is by far the worst sleeping position. Stomach sleeping causes pressure on the spine which can lead to back pain. This position can also cause the neck to turn at a 90-degree angle which can strain the neck muscles. Sleeping in this position can result in tension headaches, neck stiffness and breathing problems. 








A little sleep adjustment can go a long way. To break the sleeping pattern try using a body pillow. Body pillows are great sleeping aids as they:

  • Provide proper body support
  • Relieve pressure on the lower back, spine and hips
  • Improve shoulder, hip and spinal alignment
  • Distribute weight and improve blood circulation
  • Enhance muscular relaxation
  • Provide additional support during pregnancy
  • Can help diminish snoring (by keeping you from falling onto your back)
  • Calming and relaxing

Proper sleep position can help improve your health, provide  your with more energy and reduce your risks for chronic neck and back pain in the future. A little change can go a long way, examine your sleeping habits today!

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