Mid-Day Breaks: Refuel and Re-energize!

30 Jul, 2018 | Dr. Malik | No Comments

Mid-Day Breaks: Refuel and Re-energize!

Daily routine can often get the best of us. Between getting ready for the full day ahead, carpooling the children’s school drop off, and getting to work on time, it often feels like you’ve already completed a day’s worth of activities all before your morning coffee.

Even though the day can get ahead of us, it’s important to remember to take proper breaks throughout the day to maintain productivity and decrease stress levels. Taking a midday break helps to refuel and reenergize, giving you that extra oomph needed to get through the rest of the work day. Here are some simple things you can do throughout your day to help renew your energy.

Lunchtime strolls

Shake it up and go for a walk during your lunch. A simple dose of fresh air can help boost your energy, clear your mind, and help you refocus. After all, studies show that lunchtime walks can “perceptibly — and immediately — buoy people’s moods and ability to handle stress at work.”


Whether it be for 3 minutes or a half hour, exercising in the middle of your day will not only get rid of those midday blues but can help keep you active, along with all the other added health benefits working out gives us.


Putting the right nutrients into your body pays off for your mind as well! Eating a balanced meal gives your body the fuel it needs to keep your energy up and decreases fatigue.

By implementing any of these simple tips throughout your day, you will have the energy to tackle your daily tasks.


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