How Chiropractors Can Help Prevent Common Hockey Injuries

30 Jan, 2023 | Dr. Malik | No Comments

How Chiropractors Can Help Prevent Common Hockey Injuries

Head trainers understand the importance and benefit of routine adjustments and have begun incorporating chiropractic into their team’s injury prevention plan.


Before a game, A team’s Chiropractor visits players at the rink and assesses any lingering issues they’re having so they can play the game pain-free and minimize the risk of injury.


Injuries happen because of player’s repetitive movements. Every time a movement is done it causes further breakdown of the joints. To prevent injury from occurring, we need to interrupt this breakdown—that’s where chiropractic comes in.


In adjusting a source of repetitive strain in a player, potential issues can be caught and eliminated before they become full-blown injuries, leading to time off for recovery and restoration. Because players are so used to these movements, many don’t even realize when a problem is building, which is why routine adjustments are so important for these players—it restores function and movement to areas that are struggling before an injury even presents itself.


What kind of injuries do hockey players experience?


While all players are susceptible to any injury, the way a player moves will impact the injuries they incur. A goalie is not likely going to have the same repetitive strain injury as a winger.



Because of the repetitive nature of dropping to their knees to block shots, goalies tend to present with groin and hip injuries or strains. 



Defencemen are constantly being hit, jarred, or bounced into boards, so they predominantly experience collarbone and shoulder injuries. 



Forwards experience open-ice hits, and transition their movements quickly at high speed, which can lead to knee injuries. They can also experience repetitive hip injuries from taking face-offs.


How to prevent injury on the ice

By doing these four core exercises before a game, you can decrease your chances of suffering an injury on the ice. Not only will these exercises help loosen your muscles, if you experience pain while performing any of them it can be an indication of a forming problem, which your chiropractor can assess before the game and treat as needed.


Preparation and conditioning for skiing


Winter can be a splendid and enjoyable time of year, especially if you love outdoor activities like skiing.


Commonly, muscles that work to internally rotate the hips are activated and engaged during skiing – key for maintaining balance and coordination. A great way to condition the body and build muscle memory for skiing is to practice your technique with the use of balance boards, in-line skates, or sports that require quick movements and changes of direction. Another important aspect to skiing is the need for endurance and stamina. Interval training is a great tool to build endurance, where you maximize your input for short bouts of time. The gains made through interval training can translate into meaningful improvements to your overall endurance; however, as with all activities, progression is key.


If you are an avid skier, now is the time to start preparing your body for the season. Here are some general tips to help prevent injury:



In skiing, maintaining good muscle and joint range of motion is important and improving mobility is key to preventing injuries. Your chiropractor can help you improve your joint and muscle function, as well as provide some guidance on how to best increase your mobility safely based on your individual goals and needs. The earlier you start, the better prepared you will be.



Prior to hitting the slopes, it is always advisable to warm-up. Start with gentle activities such as walking or skating to increase the blood flow to your muscles. You may also want to do gentle stretches before you play to help prevent injuries. Better yet, consider working on your overall mobility before the season begins to enhance your athleticism and improve your performance.



You should always ensure that your equipment fits and is in good working condition before you begin the season. Your equipment supports and protects your body from injury while you enjoy your favorite activities. If you need to buy new equipment for the season, ask a professional to help you find the best equipment for your needs.



Agility and technique can greatly enhance your performance in skiing. Consider lessons with a professional to help you refine your technique.


Your healthcare team, including your chiropractor, can also help you prepare you for the slopes. Meet with them to discuss your needs to make sure your body is ready and for strategies to decrease the risk of injury.

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