Why Does It Feel Good To Stretch In The Morning?

28 Jun, 2017 | Dr. Malik | No Comments

Why Does It Feel Good To Stretch In The Morning?

Ever wonder why it feels so good to stretch in the morning? What exactly are you doing that is helping your body? Let’s explore:

Improved Muscle and Joint Flexibility: Sleeping 6 to 8 hours in the same position causes your muscles and joints to stiffen up during the night. Stretching allows the muscles to be more flexible which makes it easier to get out of bed. One of the most common complaints among our back pain patients is pain in the morning. If you are already experiencing back pain due to tight muscles, sleeping in the same position can cause these muscles to stiffen up more. This can make getting out of bed difficult.

Improved Circulation: Stretching can help improve circulation. When you wake up your blood pressure is usually at its lowest. Stretching can help energize the heart and get the blood pumping to the limbs.

Stress Relief: Stretching is much cheaper than therapy to help relieve stress! A few minutes in the morning can help do wonders for the mind. Remember to hold the stretches for about 20 seconds and to focus on slow deep breathes. Positive affirmative thoughts can also help focus the mind and reduce overall stress.

Here are a few stretches to help you get started in the morning:

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