Do Your Feet Get Bigger As You Age?

25 Nov, 2018 | Dr. Malik | No Comments

Do Your Feet Get Bigger As You Age?

Yes, they do! This came as a surprise; according to an article by Harvard Health, our feet do get bigger as we age. By the age of 50,we will have put nearly 120,000 kilometers on our feet! All of that wear and tear can cause the loss of fat pads on the bottom of our feet. The fat pad acts like a shock absorber; without it, there is more stress on the feet. This can cause our feet to widen and lengthen. Conditions such as hammertoes and bunions can also change the shape of our feet, which can, in turn, increase our shoe size.

One way to help reduce the wear and tear on our feet is with custom foot orthotics. Custom foot orthotics can have features such as metatarsal pads and heel pads to help provide cushion and support when walking. Also, custom foot orthotics offer arch support, helping to prevent painful foot conditions, such as plantar fasciitis.

Good foot health is important, here are a few tips to help you assess your feet for any potential health concerns:

  • Visually inspect your feet, look for skin cracking, bruising, calluses and discoloration
  • Look at the overall shape of your feet, look for any signs of bunions, hammertoes,etc.
  • Check the temperature of your feet, and compare it from one to another
  • Squeeze each foot, particularly around the heel and bottom for any sharp pain
  • Inspect your shoes, look for any unusual wear patterns
  • If you wear custom foot orthotics inspect for wear. If they are over 18-months-old, you may be due for a new pair.

If you are unsure whether your feet are in good health, or if you have any questions, we can help!  Call us for a free consultation: Ph 905-593-1605.

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