The 6 Pack

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The 6 Pack

By: Dr. Rosanna Cheng


People directly relate the core to having abs or a six-pack, but it is much more than that. Whether you are an Olympic weightlifter or just your average Joe office worker, your core is extremely important.

What is your core?

It includes all the muscle that moves and stabilizes the trunk. We can categorize them into two groups:

The local muscles

  • These are located deep and attach directly to the low back vertebrae
  • They act to directly stiffen, stabilize, and sense where the spine is
  • Transverse abdominis, multifidi, pelvic floor, the diaphragm

The global muscles

  • Located on the surface, they help to mobilize the trunk and support the local muscles during more dynamic movements
  • They include: Rectus abdominis, external obliques, internal obliques, erector spinae

There are thousands of ways to train your core, but my favorite core exercise includes:

The Dead bug


Lie on your back

  • Using your hands and knees, prop up an exercise ball without resting it on your stomach
  • Tense up the muscles of your abdomen and low back (avoid sucking in your stomach)
  • Slowly bring a hand or knee off the ball
  • Extend hand/knee away from ball, making sure your low back is always flat against the ground

Things to note:

  • Your arms and legs move independently of the pelvis
  •  Your back should not change positions and your pelvis should not tilt when you move your limbs
  • Should be done slowly to get the benefit

There are so many different variations so everyone can have fun doing these exercises. Have any questions, come in and learn more!

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