Study: Weak Quadriceps Can Lead To Falls

7 Sep, 2018 | Dr. Malik | No Comments

Study: Weak Quadriceps Can Lead To Falls

The elderly population is at an increase risk for falls. In fact, elderly falls are the main reason for hip and knee replacements. It is not only a source of injury, but can lead to disability as well.

A recent cross-sectional study was conducted investigating the role weak quadricep muscles have on increased falls. Results from a total of 1028 participants were analyzed. Participants of the study were 60 years of age or older.

The study found that a decrease in quadriceps strength resulted in an increase in falls, and that an increase in quadricep strength resulted in a decrease in falls.

Quadricep strengthening exercises should be a part of an overall workout routine for seniors to help prevent injury from falls.

The full study can be found here

To download the study click here: The role of quadriceps muscle strength in the development of falls in the elderly people, a cross-sectional study.

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