Covid-19: The Big Picture

11 Jan, 2021 | Dr. Malik | No Comments

Covid-19: The Big Picture

I recently came across the episode: ‘What will the post-pandemic world look like?’, by the CBC Podcast ‘White Coat Black Art’. It was so insightful, I felt the need to share it with you. In this episode, the host Dr Brian Goldman, interviews the author of the book ‘Apollo’s Arrow’,  to discuss what the future post-pandemic world will look like. 

Dr Christakis has researched many past pandemics, including The Black Death (1347-1951), The Athens Plague (430BC – 426BC) and the Flu Pandemic of 1918.  

Some points made by Dr Christakis during this episode include:

  • The initial Covid19 pandemic period might not be reached until early 2022
  • Herd Immunity may not be reached until Q1 of 2022 (even with the current vaccines available)
  • The intermediate pandemic period could last between 2022-2024, during this period the impact of the virus will not be as strong as it is currently
  • Face masks and social distancing may be required over the next 1-2 years, as the virus will still be present in society

With much of the discussion revolving around daily case counts, little is being said on the long term outlook on the pandemic. This causes the daily gyrations in numbers feel monumental, causing much stress and anxiety. Instead of focusing on the now, this podcast helps us to step back and look at the bigger picture. To see how pandemics have progressed over years, can help us better understand the situation we are in, and how the pandemic could progress moving forward. This can help us better prepare ourselves for what lies ahead.

To listen to the podcast episode, click this link.

Wishing you and your family the best of health!