Study Shows Therapy Can Help Reduce The Chance Of Surgery

5 Jul, 2020 | Dr. Malik | No Comments

Study Shows Therapy Can Help Reduce The Chance Of Surgery

A recent study titled: Group education, night splinting and home exercises reduce conversion to surgery for carpal tunnel syndrome: a multicentre randomized trial was published in the April 2020 edition of Physiotherapy. In it the authors found that a therapist-led program helped to reduce the chances of requiring surgery to alleviate carpal tunnel syndrome.

This randomized control trial included 105 participants from various centres across Australia. These participants had confirmed carpal tunnel syndrome, and were on a waitlist for surgical consultations. 

One half of the participants received education, night-splitting and nerve and tendon gliding exercises as directed by a therapist. The other group remained on the surgical consultation waitlist and received no additional care.

After 24 weeks, the conversion to surgery rate in the experimental group was 59%, while in the control group the rate was 80%. More participants in the experimental group identified themselves as being improved after 6 weeks. This study helps to show that a therapy-led program can help reduce the chance of requiring carpal tunnel surgery. 

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