large_spine_scoliosisScoliosis describes the condition where the spine is curved to the side, rather than being normal vertical shaped. When this curvature occurs, it is most often seen in the middle or lower back. The specific cause of this condition is unknown as it often arises spontaneously, however, there are potential factors that can lead to scoliosis including a fracture to the spine or osteoporosis.

In a physical exam, looking at the posture of an individual, and their bending movement, can provide the chiropractor with many signs that indicate scoliosis.

Managing this condition requires an initial measurement how much the spine is curved. Then, accordingly, a treatment plan is carried out. Common methods of treatment include

  • Bracing
  • Osseous manipulation and joint mobilization
  • Active isolated stretching exercise plans

In the rare cases that the curvature is of great magnitude, surgery may be required.

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