Postural Syndrome

Anterior Head CarriageDue to improper postures, or even prolonged postures, muscles of the shoulder, upper back, and neck become fatigued and/or weakened. This results in chronic neck and arm pain, a condition known as the postural syndrome.

The type of pain is often dull, achy pain, along with stiffness in the involved muscles. Sometimes, this pain radiates down the arm, or the chest.

To avoid this condition, taking frequent breaks when sitting at school/work/ home is encouraged to maintain the health of the muscles. Other tips include

  • Keeping feet flat on the floor while sitting, knees at 90°, with arms to the sides, and the wrists supported
  • Avoid sleeping on sofas, and/or chairs
  • When watching television with head propped forward, ensure that the neck and back are supported

If pain continues, we provide treatments such as myofascial release and osseous manipulation, along with stretching and strengthening plans of muscles, so that excellent recovery is made.

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