December 28, 2018

Recipe Of The Month: Roasted Trout With Avocado-Mango Salsa

This is a basic recipe for roasting fish – quick, easy, and simple 􏰘􏰚􏰛􏰜􏰀􏰚 􏰞􏰟􏰠 􏰀􏰡􏰢􏰊􏰢 􏰀􏰣􏰢􏰤􏰜􏰠􏰚􏰠 􏰥􏰄 􏰅􏰞􏰟􏰢􏰦􏰞 􏰧􏰞􏰊 􏰋􏰚􏰦􏰦 4 servings / 25 min Prep 10 min / Cook 15 min Ingredients For trout: 4 (120 g/4-oz) trout fillets  Canola oil cooking spray  Juice of 1 lemon or (about 3 tbsp/45 mL)  1 tbsp (15 mL) canola oil  1/4 tsp (1 mL) ground black pepper  2 lemons, whole […]
November 25, 2018

Is A Glass Of Lemon Water In The Morning Really Good For You?

It tastes gross, but does it actually work? Lemon water has been touted as the best way to start your morning, but is it true? Let’s explore. Hydrating yourself first thing in the morning is an absolute necessity. Your last drink of water was probably 6-8 hours ago, and after exhaling water vapor all night, your body is in need of a fill-up. If you weigh yourself first thing in […]
October 29, 2018

Homemade Fish Sticks

You can make these homemade fish sticks in about the same amount of time it takes to bake a box of the frozen kind—with a fraction of the fat. Ingredients Canola oil cooking spray 1 cup whole-wheat dry breadcrumbs,  or ½ cup plain dry breadcrumbs 1 cup whole-grain cereal flakes 1 teaspoon lemon pepper ½ teaspoon garlic powder ½ teaspoon paprika ¼ teaspoon salt ½ cup all-purpose flour 2 large […]
October 29, 2018

Low Carb Diets – Yea or Nay?

It seems like every few weeks, a new diet fad is making the news. Focussing less on research, and more on hype, these diets claim to help people lose weight and extend their life. However,what does the research say? A new study published in the Lancet. Public Health 2018, 3 (9): e419-e428 examined carbohydrate intake to mortality. 15,428 adults aged between 45 to 64 years of age were studied for […]
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