August 31, 2019

Kids And Concussions

Did You Know? A study of  1.3 million Ontarians led by researchers at Toronto Rehab-University Health Network found that kids under the age of 5 experience the highest rate of concussions.  Some of the sign and symptoms of a concussion include: Confusion Headaches Unsteady walking Lack of interest in toys Vomiting To learn more about concussion click the link below: https://muscleandjoint.ca/its-concussion-season-how-can-you-prevent-a-concussion/  
September 27, 2016

Back To School Health Tips

  By Dr Ayesha Qureshi September is here and your kids are back in school. Whether you are a first time school parent or September marks a recurring school routine for your kids, it’s best to start the school year right and healthy. Here are some tips for parents in making the school year full of health and wellness: Dress fit for the weather: With change of seasons and summer […]
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