March 29, 2018

What You Need To Know About Opioids

Here is why opioids are a problem. Let’s say it is Saturday evening, and John, a 47 year-old healthy male just finished showering. He is about to step out of the tub, when his foot slips from under him. Uncontrollably he falls head over heels and lands on his back. He is in absolute agony. Unable to move he begins to cry out in pain. Luckily his wife is home […]
October 30, 2017


Low back pain is a major health issue. It affects 84 per cent of the working population at some point in their life and is second only to the common cold as a cause of lost work time. But back pain doesn’t have to hijack your sick days. Here are some universal ‘back facts’ to keep in mind if you catch yourself suffering from this pesky problem: Rest vs. Staying […]
May 22, 2016

It’s Concussion season, how can you prevent a concussion?

With the warm weather, comes an increase in sport activity. And with an increase in sport activity, we are seeing more sport related injuries in the clinic.  Concussions are unfortunately becoming more common; more than 23% of adolescents reported injuries to their head in the previous year. With more youth playing sports, the rate of concussions has been increasing. Concussions can occur more often in young children as the head […]
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