December 22, 2017

The Resolution To End Resolutions

I have a lot of patients preparing to start living a healthy lifestyle in the new year; the dreaded new year’s resolution. But a new year’s resolution is probably the worst way to start a healthy lifestyle; I’ll explain. As you may have heard, new year’s resolutions are destined to fail. According to this site only 8% of people will keep their resolution! The most common reason why resolutions fail is […]
August 28, 2016

Inspire The Olympian Within You!

The Rio 2016 Summer Olympics have come and gone and athletes from around the world have returned home after demonstrating their best talents and skills. It was amazing to witness such incredible athleticism and sportsmanship. As a Chiropractor, it was amazing to see how capable the human body is; and with the right training and determination the many abilities it can accomplish. Our body is an incredible machine. And although […]
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