Suffering From Carpal Tunnel Syndrome? New Research Shows This Technique Is An Effective Treatment!

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October 29, 2018
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November 25, 2018

Mississauga, ON – New research examining a treatment technique for people suffering from carpal tunnel syndrome has demonstrated some interesting results. Carpal tunnel syndome is a condition whereby a person may feel numbness, tingling and pain into their hand and fingers. This condition is usually caused by working long hours on a computer or laptop, and is very common in office workers. In fact, there are approximately two million Canadians suffering from CTS at any given time!

New research from Poland examined a treatment technique called neurodynamic technique and its effectiveness treating carpal tunnel syndrome. A total of 103 patients with carpal tunnel syndrome were randomly assigned between a neurodynamic treatment group and one with no treatment. The researchers found that those who were treated had significant lower pain, better functional ability and improvement in their carpal tunnel syndrome symptoms.

The results are promising and encouraging for carpal tunnel syndrome suffers. To learn more about this study, or to learn if this treatment is right for you, call today for a free evaluation 905-593-1605.

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