Study: The Plantaris Muscle Tendon And Its Relationship with the Achilles Tendinopathy

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September 10, 2018
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The plantaris muscle is a little know muscle located at the back of the leg that extends from the back of the knee into the ankle. The plataris muscle is considered to be vestigial, meaning it is a remanent of a  larger muscle in our earlier stages of evolution. Because it is of such minor significance the plantaris is often used as a surgical graft for Achilles’ tendon repair.

Recently is has been theorized that the plantaris insertion into the Achilles’ tendon could be a source of pain. A study comprising of 130 lower limb cadaver dissections showed that in about 22.4% of cases the plantaris  blended into the Achilles’ tendon, potentially contributing to Achilles tendonopathy.

Why is this important? As a clinical if would be encouraged to examine the plantaris muscle insertion carefully. Using targeted plantaris stretches could help reduce Achilles tendonopathy in patients. Techniques like Graston Therapy can help remove scar tissue and help mobilize the muscle tendon.

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