Food Testing

Food Testing


Rocky Mountain Analytical (RMA), is an accredited medical laboratory focused on patient well-being, building strong collaborative relationships with clinicians, and advancing the science of wellness.  RMA has served the naturopathic medicine community in Canada for over ten years.

RMA also performs a variety of  tests in its Calgary, Alberta laboratory including: hair and urine element analysis, urine growth hormone, blood spot vitamin D, hair cortisol, and saliva hormone testing. RMA also partners with other laboratories to offer additional test items such as food sensitivity testing, blood spot fatty acids and urine thyroid assessment.

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Serum – IgG – 120+ Foods, Serum – IgG – 200+ Foods, Serum – IgG – 160+ Vegetarian Foods, Serum – IgG Add-on Antigen (to 120+ or 160+), Serum – IgG Candida standalone, Serum – IgG, Candida add-on to another RMA FST panel, MELISA – Panel 1: Mercury & Amalgam, MELISA – Panel 2: Implants, MELISA – Panel 3: Autoimmune, Dental & Fertility, D-Spot 25-hydroxyvitamin D3, Fatty Acid Profile, Hair Element Analysis, Iodine Plus, Urine Elements – 17 Toxic Elements, Urine Elements – Complete Toxic Elements, Urine Elements – Essential plus Toxic Elements, Urine Elements – Complete Esssential plus Toxic Elements, Nutrigenomix – 45 Gene Nutrition Assessment, Nutrigenomix® – 45 Gene Upgrade


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