May 24, 2018

Benefits Of Vitamin C

Vitamin C 🍊 Which fruits are your favourite sources of vitamin C? Vitamin C, also known as ascorbic acid, is a water-soluble vitamin that is so essential to overall health and wellbeing. 🍊–>Its an antioxidant, protecting the cells from harmful molecules (free radicals) and oxidative stress. 🍋–> It increases the absorption of iron. If you have low iron stores, taking vitamin C rich foods or a supplement can help increase your […]
May 24, 2018

Why Do My Joints ‘Snap’, “Crackle’ and ‘Pop’

It is something we all experience – knees and shoulders snapping and popping with movement. It is a phenomenon that has caused much curiosity amongst my patients, so hopefully today we can shed some light on why joints pop. Firstly, it may be a good idea to put your mind at ease, most snapping and popping, despite how loud it can be, is very normal and does not pose any […]
May 24, 2018

My First 10km Run

The Mississauga Marathon took place on May 5th and 6th. Although I am not much of a runner, I thought I would give the 10km a try. Running the 10km was a goal I had set for myself after losing 30 lbs in four months; details of that process can be found here. For the 10km run, I began my training in January. I’m not much of a runner, so […]
April 27, 2018

Are You Addicted To Your Phone?

The term used to describe this addiction is called nomophobia, short for ‘No Mobile Phone Phobia’, and now there is a test to measure this addiction. This test, developed by the University of Iowa, asks 20 simple questions after which a score is given to determine your addictiveness. Give it a try and see how you do! Are you a smartphone junkie? Rate each item on a scale of 1 […]
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