What is Mallet Finger?

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What is Mallet Finger?

If you have ever played a ball sport such as basketball, volleyball or baseball, you may have experienced mallet finger. When a ball hits a stretched finger, the finger gets jammed. This causes pain, swelling and discomfort when the affected finger is bent.

Mallet Finger Injury

Patients who are experiencing mallet finger will find it painful when straightening the finger. In severe cases as shown above, patients may also have a small fracture.

If you experience an injury to your finger and you suspect mallet finger, what should you do? Follow these steps to help avoid further injury:

  • Apply ice immediately: ice will minimize swelling and improve time of overall recovery
  • Elevate the hand if possible to help reduce blood flow to the finger, which will help reduce swelling
  • A mallet splint such as the one shown below can be used to help protect the tendon and allow it to heal

It is important to see your health practitioner soon after the injury to determine the extent of the injury. Treatment options include:Mallet Finger Splint

  • X-rays may be taken to determine if a fracture is present
  • Ultrasound therapy to help reduce swelling and improve healing
  • Taping and splinting to help stabilize the joint
  • Graston therapy to help treat surrounding muscles that may also be injured
  • Post surgical rehabilitation in cases where surgery is necessary due to a total rupture of the tendon.

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