Welcome, Sarmila!

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Welcome, Sarmila!

“Hi! My name is Sarmila and I’ve been practicing as an RMT since January 2016 and I’m so excited to be part of the Muscle and Joint team. I come with a background in Kinesiology and Athletic Therapy, which has helped to shape my Massage Therapy practice immensely. I’ve had many patients who have benefited from Massage but there are always the few cases that stand out… that remind me that being in the rehab profession was the right choice.

One of my patients came to me with mid back pain because of how much driving and sitting she was doing for her job. After getting a description of her discomfort and ruling out certain conditions, it was determined that her issues were coming from her posture. A lot of the time, patients come to me with the idea that I am the person who will take away their pain, but I remind them that a lot of the change they’ll see long-term comes from the work they put into their care – by doing prescribed exercises and making changes to habits that cause pain. After a lot of patient education and manual work during treatments, the patient was no longer experiencing pain daily. More importantly, when she did start to feel discomfort, she had the tools to help her get back to being pain-free.

Although I see a wide variety of patients who have complaints of postural-related pain and chronic or acute injuries, my interest and focus for my practice has always been the rehabilitation of sport and exercise-based injuries.

I had a patient who played baseball recreationally come to me seeking a full body massage to help with overall stiffness. During treatment, he disclosed that he’s been getting shoulder pain while he plays. After determining that it was his rotator cuff (the set of muscles responsible for shoulder movements), I explained that by focusing the treatment on the affected structures, we would be able to decrease his pain and prevent the shoulder from getting worse. With each session, the patient was noticing a decrease in pain and an increase in mobility while he played. Coming from a background of athletic therapy, my knowledge of the sport itself and the common injuries that affect baseball players helped me to target his pain and gave him a new impression on what Massage Therapy can do.

Seeing my patients progress to a pain-free state allowing them to do what they need to do, whether it be at work, in their daily life, or during sport and exercise, is the reason I love my job.”

Our clinic is pleased to welcome Sarmila Thanigasalam to our clinic. Sarmila is a Registered Massage Therapist as well as an Athletic Therapist with a background in Kinesiology. Sarmila is currently accepting new patients. To book an appointment, please visit www.muscleandjoint.ca/book-online


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