Welcome Dr Tijoriwala!

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Welcome Dr Tijoriwala!

Dr. Tanvi Tijoriwala, ND is a licensed naturopathic doctor who runs a general practice with a special interest in hormonal health, stress management, andconcussion therapy.

 Dr. Tanvi’s mission is to enable you to live your best life without letting your health concerns get in the way. In order to help you achieve your health goals, she works on preventative medicine and treats the root cause of the condition so that you can stay healthy for longer. Dr. Tanvi achieves this by doing three things – providing education pertaining to healthy lifestyle choices, using naturopathic modalities to heal your health concerns, and empowering you to be your best self. To educate, heal, and empower is what she truly stands for.

Dr. Tanvi’s first visit includes a detailed intake of your health concerns and health history, followed by an individualized treatment plan. She looks forward to meeting you and helping you achieve your goals.

Dr. Tanvi will be at the clinic on Sundays from 2:30 pmto 7 pm.

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