Ten Years!

30 Mar, 2021 | Dr. Malik | No Comments

Ten Years!

We have been waiting a long-time to share this milestone with our community. March 31st, 2021 will mark our ten year anniversary serving our patients! It has been an incredible journey, and we hope to continue serving for many years to come!

Originally we had planned to celebrate this milestone in person with our neighbourhood, however due to restrictions on social gatherings we will not be able to do that this year. Instead, I will offer some insight into how our clinic started and where we plan to go into the future.

As a Chiropractic student, I had envisioned a clinic that focussed not only on the spine and joints of the body, but on the muscle and tendons and ligaments as well. By focussing on the entire musculoskeletal system, my hope was we could deliver results faster. 

When we first opened we utilized a technique called Graston Therapy. Ten years ago, this treatment was unheard of, and was little practiced in the Mississauga area ( to see a video about this technique see the video here). This treatment option became a success, as it helped us treat chronic conditions, car accident injuries, work injuries and more. Patient’s who were suffering from years of scar-tissue build up began to improve, even conditions such as fibromyalgia were being managed with this technique. 

As the referrals began to pour in, we started to discover we needed to expand our offerings. Shortly after opening, we began to offer the following services:

  • Massage Therapy: Helping to promote mobility and movement, and also treating conditions such as swelling and post-surgical scar pain

  • Physiotherapy: Helping to promote mobility, strength and proper functioning of the muscle, joints and nerves within the body. Also providing rehabilitation services to patients who suffered from an acute injury. 

  • Naturopathic Medicine: Helping to ensure proper nutrition, better sleep, supplementation, regulating digestive health and promoting skin health. 

  • Registered Dietitian: Good diet and nutrition are the key to living a good, healthy and pain-free life. Reducing pro-inflammatory foods can help improve patient outcomes and improve overall quality of life. Managing conditions such as diabetes and heart disease through diet is important to help improve overall health. 

  • Acupuncture: This is an incredible treatment modality that has been used for over 4000 years! Acupuncture has helped manage difficult pain referral patterns, can improve sleep and reduce stress and anxiety. In fact, Acupuncture has been used as an anesthetic during heart surgery! Check out the BBC documentary here.

We have also expanded our treatment options, adding modalities such as shockwave therapy, laser therapy, B12 injections, lab testing and more. We also now carry a wide array or products from braces and supports, to TENS machines, orthotic shoes, compression socks, virtual care and much more. 

The last ten years have been an incredible evolutionary experience, much has been learned and much progress has been achieved. However, looking forward to the next ten years, we want to take patient care to the next level. Here is how we plan to enhance patient care:

  • Improved Active-Care Program: When a patient is actively engaged in managing their pain condition, it can help improve their pain and overall health. This is why we partnered with Physitrack, an online exercise tool that can help educate patients by providing at home workout routines with instructional videos. We also plan to redesign our clinic to setup an active care station where we can demonstrate exercises that can help keep the pain away. Stay-tuned for more details!

  • Paperless Clinic: An industry-leading, cloud based patient record keeping system called Jane was implemented this past December. This new system has allowed us to deliver better patient care, with features such as online-booking, SMS reminders, waitlists, multiple-location bookings and more. 

  • Multiple-Location: We are pleased to announce the opening of two satellite clinics, one in Oakville and the other near Square-One. These locations will help us manage patient volumes and offer care to a larger community. For more details please visit this link

  • Phone-System: You may have noticed that we recently updated our phone system to a new VOIP system. This new system helps us manage calls and route calls to specific locations. We are also launching a remote reception service in April to help answer calls during peak hours. The remote receptionist can help answer questions, book appointments and provide directions to our one of our three locations. 

  • Online Dispensary: We now have an online dispensary whereby patients can order supplements online from the convenience of their home. To check it out, please visit this link

  • Virtual Consultations: If you need answers fast, an online consultation is a great way to get connected with a member of our health team. We offer free virtual consultation to help guide you on your journey to better health. To learn more, please visit this link.

  • Social Media, YouTube and Podcasts: Patient education is important to the overall health and well-being of our patients, which is why we will be focussing on providing more information via social media and related networks. To find us online, check these links here: FacebookTwitterInstagramLinkedInPodcastsYouTube

We hope you are as excited for the future as we are! Thank you for being a part of the Muscle & Joint Clinic family over the past ten years. We are humbled by the trust you have placed in our clinic, and we are excited to serve you into the future! 

If you have any comments or suggestions or stories you would like to share, please email us at clinic@muscleandjoint.ca

Thank you and we hope to see you again soon!

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