Laser Therapy & Exercise Help Shoulder Impingement

28 Jan, 2021 | Dr. Malik | No Comments

Laser Therapy & Exercise Help Shoulder Impingement

Laser Therapy With Exercise Can Help With Shoulder Impingement Syndrome

A recent study in the Dec 14th, 2020 edition of Clinical Rehabilitation investigated the benefits of laser therapy with exercise on patient’s suffering from shoulder impediment syndrome. 

This randomized control trial involved 120 participants who were suffering from subacromial impingement syndrome. 

The participants were separated into three different groups based on intervention:

Group 1 = Low Level Laser Therapy and Exercise

Group 2 = Exercise Only

Group 3 = Laser Therapy Only

Treatments were performed three times per week for 8 weeks. 

At the end of the 8 weeks, the group who had laser therapy combined with exercise improved the most in terms of pain and shoulder function, with a reduction in pain and medication. 

To learn more about this study click the link below:

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