Ganglion Cyst Treatment With Electro-Acupuncture – Case Study

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Ganglion Cyst Treatment With Electro-Acupuncture – Case Study

This study describes the use of electroacupuncture to help treatment ganglion cysts. A total of six treatment sessions were used over 4 weeks which helped reduce the size of the ganglion cyst and associated pain. 

More information about ganglion cysts can be found below. To learn more about this study click here. 

Ganglion cysts can be described as a lump, or a swelling on top of a joint or the fluid filled structures that surround tendons.  The cyst contains a thick, jelly-like material. They occur in various locations around the body, but they are most prevalent on the back or the wrist or hand

It is the most common soft tissue tumor (non- cancerous) of the hand and wrist. 

The patient usually has transient (rarely chronic) wrist pain, or possibly a history of wrist injuries or repetitive wrist activity. Weakness of the muscle whose tendon is involved is observed as well

It is important to recognize that these cysts are not always visible, as they are fixed to the deeper tissues and not the skin. Applying the P.R.I.C.E. principles (protect, rest, ice, compression and elevation) is effective for inflammation and pain.

Link to the study can be found here.

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