Exercise Your Arthritic Joints!

31 May, 2022 | Dr. Malik | No Comments

Exercise Your Arthritic Joints!

One of the most common misconceptions I encounter at the clinic is the idea that exercising arthritic joints is harmful. This may be true for severely arthritic and injured joints, but for the majority of people, this is not the case.

A new draft guideline by the National Health Service in the UK is encouraging exercise as a ‘core treatment’ for wear and tear joint arthritis. Encouraging exercise as a viable treatment option is great news, as there are approximately 6 million Canadians currently living with arthritis. Not only can exercise help ease the pain, it can also help reduce body weight, which can reduce the stress on joints. 


Did you know that being just 10 pounds overweight increases the force on your knees by 30 to 40 pounds with every step you take!


Currently most patients will choose painkillers to help alleviate their arthritic pain. Pain killers can help reduce symptoms in the short-term, but they do little to improve the long term health of the joint. Exercise however, can strengthen the muscles surrounding the joint, helping to ease stress, improve function, and reduce arthritic pain. 

Arthritis can cause pain, inflammation and swelling. Using topicals or analgesics can help improve symptoms, which can make exercises more tolerable. At our clinic, we utilize bracesTENS machines, shockwave, laser therapy and pain ointments to help moderate the pain. These treatments can help to reduce symptoms while performing exercises. 

Knowing which exercises to perform is important to achieve the best results. Here is an overview of four types of exercises we prescribe at our clinic. Before performing a new exercise for arthritis, always consult with an appropriate health practitioner:

  1. Low Impact: Examples include walking, cycling and swimming.
  2. Strengthening Exercises: Examples include squatting with weights, gym machines and functional training.
  3. Flexibility Exercises: Such as yoga and balance exercises.
  4. Aerobic Exercises: Example include running or trail hiking.

Choosing the right exercise mainly depends on the condition of the joint. If there is severe arthritis, swimming or cycling may be a better option, as the impact on the joint is minimal. 

If you or someone you know is suffering from arthritis, call our clinic today for a free consultation. Our number is 905-593-1605. Our doctors can access the arthritis and prescribe a treatment plan that is suited for you.

We wish you the best of health!

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