Covid19 And Jaw Pain

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Covid19 And Jaw Pain

Covid19 and Jaw Pain

It’s no secret that Covid19 has caused an increased level of stress and anxiety in our community. Unfortunately, most of that increased stress and anxiety translates into more teeth grinding and clenching. At our clinic, we have noticed an uptick in the number of patients who are suffering from jaw pain, especially since the beginning of November. 

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A recent Isreali study was published in the Oct 12 Journal of Clinical Medicine, examining the effect of stress on jaw pain. The study consisted of 1800 participants living in Israel and Poland. The authors noted that stressors including illness, economic concerns and social isolation lead to adverse health effects such as jaw pain (TMJ pain) and teeth grinding (bruxism) among the participants.

The study found that during the first lockdown in Israel, there was an increase in the number of orofacial pain cases, attributed to an increase in stress and anxiety. Given the recent lockdown in Peel and Toronto, the same could be expected among our local population.

Given the current situation we are in, the question arises: what techniques can help reduce the chances of getting jaw pain? Here are three techniques that may help:

  • Medication and Mindfulness Apps such as The Mindfulness App (iOS iPhone, Android Android) and Headspace (iPhone, Android) can help us channel our thoughts, and calm our mind. These apps have great user interfaces and are easy to set up. Meditation also incorporates breathing exercises, which can help reduce muscle tension, stress and improve circulation. 

  • Self-Massage Techniques such as trigger point therapy can help reduce muscles knots. Below this article is a chart of common trigger points found around the jaw. Trigger points around the trapezius muscle, the suboccipital and masseter muscles can help reduce stress and tension, and reduce pain. 

  • Jaw Exercises are a great way to stretch the facial muscles and help relax tight trigger points. Simple exercises such as chin tucks, wide opening, forward and side to side jaw movements are great to help stretch the masseter muscles. Below this article is an illustration of common exercises that help alleviate jaw pain. 

If you are suffering from jaw pain, or know someone who is, give our clinic a call today for a free consultation. We offer many clinical treatment options, including:

Most jaw pain conditions seen in our clinic, resolve around 2-4 weeks. Treatments usually consist of two session per week, spaced about three days apart. Treatment time can last between fifteen to thirty minutes. Soft foods are usually recommended during treatment periods We hope you found this article helpful and informative!

We wish you the best of health!

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