Constipation – Why It Happens And How I Treat It!

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Constipation – Why It Happens And How I Treat It!

Constipation Treatment In Mississauga

By Dr. Tanvi Tijoriwala

Naturopathic Doctor

If you are having less than 3 bowel movement a week you are likely suffering from constipation. There are many reasons why we may experience constipation:



The thyroid gland is responsible for our metabolism. When the gland becomes sluggish, it can play a huge role in altering digestion of food which can lead to constipation.

Stress can directly or indirectly cause constipation. During stressful times we experience cortisol hormone spikes which can cause digestive issues such as gas, bloating and constipation

Several dietary factors such as lack of hydration, lack of adequate fiber in the diet or food sensitivity can cause constipation.

Side effects of medication: One of the most overlooked causes of constipation is the side effect of various medications. However, it is dangerous to stop taking prescription medications without consulting your healthcare practitioner.

At Home Treatments:


  • Castor oil packs – applied topically on the abdomen, it can work very well for constipation. This is because it increases blood flow and nutrition to the area to get the bowels moving.
  • Dietary changes – Increasing water intake to 7-8 glasses and increasing fiber in your diet can help alleviate constipation symptoms. Good sources of fibers include – flax seeds, leafy green vegetables and fruits.
  • Hydrotherapy – like castor oil packs, alternating hot and cold water applications to the abdomen can increase blood flow to the area and get the bowels moving.
  • Herbal teas – Several herbal teas catered to treat digestive symptoms can help alleviate constipation. It is best to ask your naturopathic doctor what herbal remedies are well suited for your condition.
  • Exercise – Cardio exercises such as going for walks daily, swimming or biking can also be beneficial to your digestive health.

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