Case Study: Chiropractic Care and Torticollis

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Case Study: Chiropractic Care and Torticollis

Torticollis is a common condition found in children, whereby the neck is positioned at an angle relative to the body. The word torticollis is derived from a Latin word meaning ‘twisted neck’. The twisting is usually caused by a muscle spasms in the neck, particularly the SCM or sternocleidomastoid muscle. Most cases are seen in infants  as they spend most of their time sleeping on one side, which can lead to tightening of the neck muscles.

To learn more about torticollis read our full article here.

This case study discusses two children aged 6 and 10 years of age with unresolved torticollis. The patients presented to a chiropractor for treatment. Treatment involved spinal manipulative therapy performed by a chiropractor and exercises performed by a physiotherapist. The six year-old boy showed improvement after three weeks of treatment. The older boy had a complete resolution of his symptoms after five weeks of treatments.

The results of these patients is not surprising as the premise of the treatment plan was to restore motion, both at the muscular and the joint level. Chiropractic care can help restore joint motion and exercises and stretching and help improve muscle imbalance and coordination.

To read the full study click Congenital Torticollis.


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