January 30, 2018

Study: Foam Rollers Can Help Ankle and Hip Motion

This study in the Journal of Sport Rehabilitation examined the use of foam rollers, trigger point balls and massagers on the motion of ankle and hip joints. The study found these devices to be beneficial in improving the range of motion of these joints. Acute Effect of Two Self-Myofascial Release Protocols on Hip and Ankle Range of Motion Amandda de Souza, Cristiano Gomes Sanchotene, Cristiano Moreira da Silva Lopes, Jader […]
April 28, 2016

Older adults can lower their odds of dying by 46% by doing this!

A new research from Penn States shows that older adults who strength trained at least twice a week can reduce their risk of mortality by 46%! The study involved following participants for 15 years. What they found is that even when they adjusted demographic variables, health behaviours and health conditions, there was still a statistically significant reduction in mortality rates among the participants. Not only did strength training help increase […]