January 30, 2018

Study: Proprioceptive Ankle Training Can Reduce Ankle Sprains

Patient sometimes ask why we have patients perform specific ankle training and exercises after an ankle sprain injury. The short answer is these exercises help reduce the chance of reoccurrence. Below is a study shedding more light on the importance of a good ankle rehabilitation program. Proprioceptive Training for the Prevention of Ankle Sprains: An Evidence-Based Review Matthew J Rivera, Zachary K Winkelmann, Cameron J Powden, Kenneth E Games Journal […]
January 29, 2018


Maintain your mobility as you age with these stretches & exercises Over the years, you can develop habitual ways of using your muscles to move and position yourself. Poor posture and a lack of flexibility may be the result of limited stretching and improper body alignment. With age, your muscles naturally tighten which can lead to poor posture1 and back pain. So, if you’re an older adult, it has never […]